Candy Pary with Steven Achikor


Заповядайте на Candy парти с Steven Achikor в Candy Club на 23/03/18

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Balkan Party with Neli Petkova


Заповядайте на Балканско парти с Нели Петкова в Candy Club на 22/03/18

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Candy Party with Simona Zagorova


Заповядайте на Candy парти с Симона Загорова и New X Dance в Candy Club на 21/03/18

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Greek Party with Diogenis


Заповядайте на гръцко парти с Diogenis в Candy Club на 20/03/18

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Staff Party with Miss Party


Заповядайте на Staff парти с Miss Party в Candy Club на 19/03/18

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Dani sax vs Denis trumpet

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Greek party with Iordanis Agapitos

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DJ party at Candy club

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Sax & Violin night with Dani sax and Orlin Cvetanov

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Hip Hop and House music mix with Miss Party

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